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Text messaging definitions for Chat Rooms, Emails, SMS Mobile & Cell Phone messages.

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Text Messaging Definitions: C

Text Definition
C See
C/P Cross Post
C4N Ciao For Now
CB Chat Brat
CFD Call For Discussion
CFV Call For Vote
CIAO Goodbye (In Italian)
CID Consider It Done
Cld9  Cloud 9
CM  Call Me
CMF Count My Fingers
CNP Continued In My Next Post
COB Close Of Business
CofS Church Of Scientology
COZ Because
CP Chat Post
C-P Sleepy
CRAFT Can't Remember A Friggin Thing
CRAP Cheap, Redundant Assorted Products
C-T City
CTC Choking The Chicken
CTN Can't Talk Now
CU See You
CUIMD  See You In My Dreams
CUL See You Later
CUL8ER See You Later
CUL8R See You Later
CUL8TR See You Later
CUNS See You In School
CUZ Because
CWOT Complete Waste Of Time
CWYL Chat With You Later
CY Calm Yourself
CYA See Ya
CYL See You Later
CYT See You Tomorrow
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