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Text messaging definitions for Chat Rooms, Emails, SMS Mobile & Cell Phone messages.

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Text Messaging Definitions: F

Text Definition
F?  Friends?
F2F Face To Face or Flesh To Flesh
F2T Free To Talk
FAB Features, Attributes, Benefits
FAI Frequently Argued Issue
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAQL Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC For Anyone Who Cares
FBKS Failure Between Keyboard And Seat
FBOW For Better Or Worse
FC Fingers Crossed
FE Fatal Error
FF Friends Forever
FIFO First In, First Out
FF&PN Fresh Fields And Pastures New
FISH First In, Still Here
FITB Fill In The Blanks
FO Frock Off
FOAD Frock Off And Die
FOAF Friend Of A Friend
FOC Free Of Charge
FOCL Falling Off Chair Laughing
FOFL Falling On Floor Laughing
FOTFLOL Falling On The Floor, Laughing Out Loud
FRED Friggin Ridiculous Electronic Device
FRM From
FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTL Faster Than Light
FTTB For The Time Being
FUBAB Frocked Up Beyond All Belief
FUBAR Frocked Up Beyond All Reason / Recognition / Repair
FUBB Frocked Up Beyond Belief
FUD Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt
FWD Forward
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYA For Your Amusement
FYEO  For Your Eyes Only
FYI For Your Information
FYM For Your Misinformation
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