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Text messaging definitions for Chat Rooms, Emails, SMS Mobile & Cell Phone messages.

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Text Messaging Definitions: N

Text Definition
N/A Not Applicable or Not Affiliated
N/T No Text
N1 Nice One
N2M Not To Mention
NA  No Access
NAK Nursing At Keyboard
NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That
NAP Not A Problem
N-A-Y-L In A While
NAWL In A While
NAZ Name, Address, Zip or NASDAQ
NBD No Big Deal
NBIF No Basis In Fact
NC No Comment
NCG New College Graduate
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
N-E-1 Anyone
N-E-1 ER Anyone Here?
NETHNG Anything
NFC No Friggin Clue
NFI No Friggin Idea
NFW No Friggin Way
NG New Game or News Group or Nice Guy or No Good
NIFOC Nude In Front Of The Computer
NIM No Internal Message
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
NIMQ Not In My Queue
NM Never Mind
NMP Not My Problem
NO1 No One
NOYB None Of Your Business
NP No Problem
NQOCD Not Quite Our Class, Dear
NRG Energy
NRN No Reply Necessary
NSFW Not Safe For Work
NTK Nice To Know
NTYMI Now That You Mention It
NUFF Enough Said
NUTN Nothing
NW No Way!
NWO  No Way Out
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