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Text messaging definitions for Chat Rooms, Emails, SMS Mobile & Cell Phone messages.

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Text Messaging Definitions: Numbers

SMS Definition
.02 Your Two Cents Worth or My Two Cents Worth
121 One To One
411 Information
:)s Smiles
:-0 HBTU 0-: Happy Birthday To You
@TEOTD At The End Of The Day
@WRK  At Work
10Q Thank You
14AA41 One For All And All For One
1CE Once
26Y4U Too Sexy For You
2B or no To Be Or Not To Be
2bctnd  To Be Continued
2d4 To Die For
2DAY Today
2G4U To Good For You
2Ht2Hndl Too Hot To Handle
2L8 Too Late
2MI Too Much Information
2MOR Tomorrow
2NITE Tonight
2U2 To You, Too
2WIMC To Whom It May Concern
4COL For Crying Out Loud!
4E Forever
4EVER Forever
4YEO For Your Eyes Only
6Y Sexy
7K Sick
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