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A Gradient is a blend from one color to another color.

A Linear Gradient from black to white.

A Radial Gradient.

In Flash you can either use one of the default Gradients or create your own.

Default Gradients:

To use the Default Gradients:

  1. Select you Object
  2. Choose a default Gradient from the bottom of the Fill Tool Pallet:

    Gradients are at the Bottom of the Colour Pallet.

    A default Gradient applied to a rectangle.

Creating & Editing the Gradients:

In Flash a Gradient can be created or edited with the Color Mixer tool.

  1. Draw or select an: Object
  2. If closed, open the Color Mixer Window > Color Mixer (Shift F9)
  3. Check if that the Fill is selected:
  4. Note: It is possible to apply a Gradient to an outline - but it will not be very visible unless the width is sufficient:

    A circle with a gradient outline applied.

  5. Select either Linear or Radial
  6. To change the colors double click on the Swatch Handles:

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