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Hit Area

The Hit Area is an invisible the area of a Flash button that responds when the mouse pointer passes over it or clicks on it. This can be a rectangular area surrounding the button, or an irregular shape.

If you have a background shape in your button - such as a rectangle you do not need to create a hit area:

No Hit Area is needed as the button has a visible background rectangle.

The Hit Area is not in the same position as the visible button.

Note: Normally the Hit Area is invisible but in the example above I have cheated and made it visible.

Important: If your button does not have a solid background (like the rectangle above) but only text, you will have to create a rectangle (or other solid shape), in the Hit Area Frame. Otherwise when the mouse pointer goes over the gaps between the letters, the button will go back to frame one: The over state.

Very slowly click and move the mouse over button 1 below and you will see the problem:

Move your mouse slowly over the Buttons to see the difference.

Button 1 is not stable and moves between states with small movements of the mouse.

Button 2 is stable. Button 2 has a rectangle in the 'Hit' frame. This is not visible in the Movie, but controls the 'Up', 'Over' and 'Down' states.

To create a Hit Area you need to edit the button and create a rectangle (or other shape) in the Hit frame:

The red rectangle is drawn in the Hit frame inside the button and defines the Hit Area.

Cross Ref: See the tutorial: Creating Buttons


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