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Nesting is the term used when you placing one element inside another. Just as eggs are placed inside a nest:

In programming terms you may nest one object inside another object inside another etc. This is like russian dolls:

Russian Dolls "Nest" inside each other.

In Flash nesting one Symbols inside other Symbols is a common technique. You can tell if you are editing inside another symbol by opening the Edit bar and looking at the Tabs:

  1. If the Edit bar is closed, open it: Window > Toolbars > Edit Bar

Symbol 1 is inside Symbol 2 which is on the Main Stage (Scene 1).

Movie Explorer also helps you to see the nesting of Symbols:

  1. If the Movie Explorer is closed, open it: Window > Movie Explorer
  2. Select:  Show Movie Clips, Buttons and Graphics

  3. Show Movie Clips, Buttons and Graphics.

  4. In the side menu button select: and Select: Show Movie Definitions:

    Select: Show Movie Definitions.

    You can now see that Symbol 1 is nested inside Symbol 2:

    Any Nested Symbols will be visible.

    Cross Ref: To learn how to work with nested symbol look at the tutorial: Target Paths


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