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Onion Skins

Onion Skins are an editing option that lets you view many Frames at once. In the Timeline you ordinarily only see the contents of the current Frame. Onion Skins enables you to see the progression of an animation:

Position of the word Bounce in Frame 56 in a Motion Tween animation.

Onion Skin Button

Switch the Onion Skins on by going to the Timeline and clicking the Onion Skin button:

You can now see the Frames to both sides of the selected Frame.

Onion Skin Handles

Drag the Onion Skin Handles to change the range:   

The animations path up to the current Frame.

Onion Skin Outlines

Press the Onion Skin Outline button to see the Frames in Outline:

Onion Skins in Outline.

Edit Multi Frames
If you want to move or edit the objects from several Frames at once try the Edit Multi Frames button:

Editing multiple Frames at once.

Onion Skin Options
Click the Modify Onion Markers button:

You will see this menu.

Always Show Markers:
Displays the Onion Skin Markers in the Timeline whether or not Onion Skinning is on.

Onion On.

Onions Off!

Beware of this setting as it could be confusing!

Anchor Onion:
Locks the Onion Skin Markers to their current position in the Timeline header. This means that if you move the Playhead the Markers stay in place

The Playhead is outside the Onion Skin area (so not visible).

Displays 2 Frames on either side of the current Frame:

Displays 5 Frames on either side of the current Frame:

Displays all Frames on either side of the current Frame:

The path of the entire animation.


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