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The Stage & The Main Stage

The Stage is the area in a Flash Movie that will become visible in the final published Movie. The Stage can be any size and is represented by a white rectangle:

The Stage is the white rectangle.

Note: If you have changed your background colour your Stage will not be white but will be the new colour.

You place objects such as text and pictures on the Stage so that they will be visible in the final Movie. If you place things off Stage (the gray area) they will usually not be visible. You may place objects off stage because you want to move them onto the Stage later.

Note: Normally the Stage matches the Final Movie and only the Stage is visible. Under some conditions the Publish settings may change this: Publish Settings

Main Stage

The term Main Stage refers to the work area in the root directory of the Movie. This is the area that you see when you first open a new Flash Movie. The Main Stage is not just Frame 1 but could be any Frame number. You can tell if you are working in the Main Stage by looking at the Edit Bar: Window > Tool Bars > Edit Bars

If you are working on the Main Stage you only see the Scene Icon & Scene Name:

In the Main Stage only the Scene Tab is visible in the Edit Bar.

Note: It you have changed the name of Scene 1 it will say something different!

If you are working inside a Symbol then you are not on the Main Stage but in the Symbols Stage. The Edit Bar will go darker and not only display the Scene icon and name but also the Symbol's icon and name:

Inside the Symbol's Stage the Edit Bar is darker and displays both the Scene & Symbol Tabs.


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