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Symbols in Flash

Any object that is stored in your Flash Library is called a Symbol. Any time you need to repeatedly use an object such as a Button or a Graphic image you use a Symbol. A Symbol only downloads once no matter how many times you use it. In that way it is like a template. There are only three types of Symbol:

Cross Ref: See the tutorial on: Buttons

Cross Ref: See the tutorial on: Graphic or Movie Clip?

A Symbol in the Library.

To create a new Symbol go to: Insert > New Symbol (Ctrl F8)

To covert an existing object to a Symbol:

  1. Create any Object (such as type or paint)
  2. Select the Object
  3. Go to: Modify > Convert to Symbol (F8)

To view your Symbols you will need to open your Library:

To open your Library goto: Window > Library (Ctrl L) or (F11)

To use your Symbols you will need to place them on the Stage (work area). You do this by dragging them out of your Library. You can drag the same object out of the Library many times. Each time you place a Symbol on the Stage it is called a Instance (an Instance of a particular symbol)

Various Instances of a Symbol on the Stage.


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