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Flash Tutorials


Flash Sample Files

Adobe Flash sample movies all with a shockwave for you to view online and the source (fla) file ready to download. Please fell free to submit your own sample files.

Flash sample movies:

  1. Student work - A variety of my students work.
  2. Drop down menus - Two examples of drop down menus. The first is a standard drop down menu and the second has a scroll facility.
  3. Pre-loaders - An example of a pre-loader for a Flash Shockwave file.
  4. Password - How to password protect either a web page or part of a Flash shockwave file (now a tutorial).
  5. Pop up - An example of a Flash button that produces an HTML pop-up page.
  6. Jigsaws - Numerous samples of how to build a jigsaw in Flash including some instruction for the ActionScript.
  7. Continuous animation - An example of seamless looping animation.
  8. Type to move movie clip - Type in the in-put box to move the frog, change its shape, rotation or make the frog semi-transparent (now a tutorial).
  9. Mouse movement moves object - Eight examples of how to move objects using mouse movement and one example of using a mouse click.
  10. Rollover + jump - An example of objects that move away or otherwise react when you roll over them.
  11. Rollover and animate - The bug drops to the floor dead when you roll over the poison.
  12. Drop and drag - Two examples of drop and drag objects. One of them is constrained to a certain area the other has a drop target which plays an animation if dropped onto its target.
  13. Click to change movie clip - Click the buttons to make the object (fish) disappear, re-appear or make it semi-transparent.
  14. Moving buttons - The button moves until you roll over, on click it turns on a continuous animation (rain) and another moving button appears - click this and the rain dries up.
  15. Animated button - Click the button and it animates before moving to the next Flash frame.
  16. Change the colour of a movie clip - Set RGB allows you to change the colour of a movie clip. This example is a very effective use of set RGB as a learning tool for children.
  17. Sound - Example of how to add sound to a Flash movie, including Play, Pause and Rewind buttons.
  18. Mouse skill game - Created with rollover buttons and a timer.
  19. Keyframe animation - Animation created using keyframes.
  20. Magnifying Glass - Created in Flash MX.
  21. Paint-Box - Fully working paint program.
  22. Quadratic Equation
  23. Gradient - How to create a gradient in ActionScript.

Other Samples

Red Green Blue + Hexadecimal Colour Chart - Colour chart of all the web safe colours including the RGB and Hexadecimal codes. Use the Hexadecimal code in actionscript and HTML. Use the RGB code in Flash, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop etc.

Submit your own samples and we will upload them with a link to your site.

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