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The aim of the tutorial is to learn how to morph shapes in Flash. This is an important animation technique in Flash called Shape Tweening. The term Tweening means to move or animate an object. When you Shape Tween you change or animate an objects outline shape. Shape Tweening is a simple form of Flash animation that changes one Shape into a new Shape. This tutorial is suitable for those of you who maybe new to Flash.

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Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 001a

Shape Tween: Circle into a Square and visa versa.



Example: Download the Flash file  Beg 001b

Example of Shape Tween

Shape Tweening Text

In geometric term a Letters are just a shapes. Like any other Shape, Flash can be Shape Tween Letters and words. In the first sections of this tutorial I demonstrate how to Shape Tween Text. This is followed by several additional sections which are designed to give additional tools, skills and insights into how to get the most from Shape Tweening. You can look cover these additional sections in any order and or skip any which are not appropriate for your needs. If you know how to Shape Tween you may wish to go straight to the additional sections:

Quick Link: Start this tutorial: Shape Tweening Text

Extra Sections:


Quick Link: Shape Tween Options

Creating Shapes with the Paint Brush Tool

Quick Link: Tweening Multiple Shapes

Quick Link: Solid and Hollow Shapes

Quick Link: Shape Hints




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