Tweening with Motion Guides

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Tweening with Motion Guides


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Learn how to Tween Symbols using Motion Guides. Ordinarily with a Tween an object moves in a straight line from one point to the next. Motion guides allow you to move an object in a curve or spiral between one point to the next.

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Cross Ref: If you are not familiar with Tweening it would be better to start by looking at a standard Tween. See tutorial: Animation Tweening

Example: Download the Flash file Beg 003a


Example of spiraling Tween.


Demo: See Flash MX04 Demo Movie of how to build this Flash file

Cross Ref: Below is an example from an intermediate level tutorial that uses motion guides to animate the electrons: Animation - Lithium Atom

Example: Download the Flash file Int 109a

Movement of the electrons has been created with Motion Guides.

For this beginners tutorial I am going to show you how to create something simple such as the spiral animation above. If you want to try and create the atom: Animation - Atom


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