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The aim of the tutorial is to be able to create your own buttons. These buttons will change appearance when you roll over them. The button will change again when clicked. This is referred to as different button States. This tutorial is designed for people who have little Experience of using Flash.

Click by Click: If you would like to view this tutorial without all the notes: Click by Click

Button States

A button can change it's appearance according to what 'State' it is in. There are three states: Up, Over & Down:

Click and roll your mouse over the button below. You will see the Up, Over and Down states.

My Example: Download the Flash File  Beg 005b

Click and roll your mouse over to see the different button states.

Note: The button has no actions and so does not do anything.

See Flash MX04 Demo Movie of how to build this Flash file


Intro   <<      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     Next   >>      

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