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Easter eggs you say. What is an Easter egg? An Easter egg is a bit of fun code created by developers and then hidden inside a program. The comes from the idea of the Easter egg hunt. In program terms they are often located in the "About" box of a software. Easter Eggs normally consist of games or other fun stuff, hidden inside programs, including Flash , Flash Pro, and Flash Educational versions. Most version of Flash have hidden games!

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Flash CS3 Easter Egg:

Well the bad news is that the fun games of previous versions of Flash are gone and this time around there are only a photo slide show of the developers. Well here it is:

  1. Open the: Program
  2. Go to: Help > About Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  3. Click on the second copyright c: ©

    Click the second copyright symbol: ©

You will see a slide show unfold from the right edge:

To return to the normal screen click to the left of the photo slide show.

Jump to the section you need: Flash CS3 / 8 / MX04 / MX

If you know of any not listed here then please share them with all of us via the forum.


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