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Easter eggs you say. What is an Easter egg? An Easter egg is a bit of fun code created by developers and then hidden inside a program. The comes from the idea of the Easter egg hunt. In program terms they are often located in the "About" box of a software. Easter Eggs normally consist of games or other fun stuff, hidden inside programs, including Flash , Flash Pro, and Flash Educational versions. Most version of Flash have hidden games!

US Government: Like other software publishers Microsoft products had their share of Easter Eggs but not anymore. After 9 - 11 the US government leaned on Microsoft as the US authorities did not want hidden programs. Slightly paranoid ??? Well anyway no more fun at Microsoft

Jump to the section you need: Flash CS3 / 8 / MX04 / MX

If you know of any not listed here then please share them with all of us via the forum.

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