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Flash 8 Pro comes with some great Filters. These can be applied to text, images or other graphics. You can do this either whilst you are editing the Flash Movie or on the fly with ActionScript. Here is what Flash 8 help says:

Graphics Effects Filters: You can apply graphics Filters to objects on the Stage. These are called Filters because they pass the image data of the object through an algorithm that filters the data in a specific way. With these filters, you can make objects glow, add drop shadows, and apply many other effects and combinations of effects.



In this tutorial you will learn how to create graphics and text with Filters like this:

Text with a Filter applied.



All the Filters Listed:

All the filters as listed in the Property Inspector:

Filter are listed in the Property Inspector.


I have drawn a rectangle in Flash 8 Pro and applied the various Filters:

No Filter

Drop Shadow


Adjust Color


Gradient Glow


Gradient Bevel

Note: Any particular Filter can look very different depending on the options used. Both of these are the same Filter but with different option settings:

Gradient Glow

Gradient Glow
Both of the above are created with the Gradient Glow Filter.


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