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Flash Tutorial - Generating Random Numbers


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Step Five: Converting the Random Number to Text


In general you do not want to create a random number for the sake of creating a random number. You create a random numbers to create some other random event. Once you have created a random number it is actually quite easy to convert it to something useful. In this example I convert the number into text. Each number is associated with a particular word (or words). In this case the word hello in 10 different languages:


My Example: Download the Flash file  Int 039c

Click to say hello in 10 different languages.

Note: If you can guess all 10 languages I will eat my computer (just joking) !!

The ActionScript in first section is identical to the previous example except that I have changed mySetting to 10 as I want to generate a random number between 1 and 10. The second converts the random number to text. I hope the gray comments make the code self explanatory:

Note for AS2: The code below will work in AS1 or AS2 but if you are using AS2 there is a shorter way to achieve the same thing. You can use an Array: See sample code

The ActionScript attached to the button is as follows:

on (release) {

// Sets the number of digits in the random sequence:
var mySetting = 10;
// Creates a random number:
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;
//Checks the repeat function
while (myNumber == myTemp) {
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;
// Resets the variable to the new random number:
myTemp = myNumber;

   // This section converts the number to text.
   // Each number is associated with a particular sentence.
   // On this occasion my random number is from 1 to 10.

   if (myNumber == 1) {
      myDisplay = "Hello";
   } else if (myNumber == 2) {
      myDisplay = "Salut";
   } else if (myNumber == 3) {
      myDisplay = "Guten Tag";
   } else if (myNumber == 4) {
      myDisplay = "Hola";
   } else if (myNumber == 5) {
      myDisplay = "Dobrý Deň";
   } else if (myNumber == 6) {
      myDisplay = "Nei Ho";
   } else if (myNumber == 7) {
      myDisplay = "Ciao";
   } else if (myNumber == 8) {
      myDisplay = "God Dag";
   } else if (myNumber == 9) {
      myDisplay = "Namaste";
      // I don't have to specify the last digit:
   } else {
      myDisplay = "Kia Ora";

That's it. Enjoy being random!

I hope you have found this useful. If so perhaps you could recommend this site to others and link to webwasp!


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