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Using Flash to Load a Random Image


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Step One: Getting the Images Ready

How Many Pictures?
You will need to collect together a number of pictures. How many is up to you. It is even possible to have only 1!!

File Location
You will need to place them all into a single folder on your computer.

Picture Dimensions
Your images can be either all the same size or mixed sizes. I have used a mixed bunch, including some portrait and some landscape. I have made sure that none of my images exceed a maximum width of 450 pixels and a maximum height of 300 pixels.

File Format: Jpeg, PNG or GIF
Your images can be any format you like as long as all the images are the same. In this instance I have used Jpegs but you could also use PNG or GIF.

Naming the Images
Name all your images numerically from 1. Do not use names like 01.

Here are the details of my images as seen in Windows Explorer:

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