Learn how to load a random Flash Movie onto a HTML web page.

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Loading a Random Flash Movie


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Two: Setting up the Master Flash Document

  1. Open a New Flash Document: File > New (Ctrl N)
  2. If the General Tab is not selected, select it: General Tab
  3. Select Flash Document: Flash File Flash File (ActionScript 2.0)
  4. Note: The ActionScript used in this tutorials is suitable for ActionScript 1 or ActionScript 2. It will not work is ActionScript 3. If you find that you get errors it could be that your Flash file is set to publish in ActionScript 3.0 or later. If you are not sure which version of ActionScript you are using check your publish settings: File > Publish Settings > Flash > ActionScript version.

  5. Click: OK

  6. Go to: Modify > Document (Ctrl J)
  7. Set the size: 250 x 80 (or what's appropriate for your Flash Movies)
  8. Click: OK
  9. Your settings should look similar to this:

    Settings as seen in the Property Inspector.

    Note: If your Property Inspector is closed go to: Window > Properties > Properties (Ctrl F3)

  10. Save your file into the same folder as that of your other Flash Movies: File > Save

    Note: The name of your Master Flash Movie is not important, only the location.


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