Flash tutorial on how to slide menus (and other objects) on and off screen.

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Flash - Sliding Menus
Moving an Object on Roll Over using ActionScript

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In this tutorial you will learn an animation technique makes things slide on and off the Stage. This could be used to slide Menus on and off. It could also be used to slide photos, forms, animations or any other objects. In fact you can use it to move multiple objects on and off screen all at the same time. Some can come from the top or bottom whilst other can slide in and out from from the sides.


This tutorial shows you the simple technique and explains the ActionScript needed. There a two reasons why you would use ActionScript to move an object. The first is that ActionScript is smaller than animation and the second is that you can move the object from any place to any other place irrespective of it's starting position. This makes the movement more versatile.  In an animation movement must be linear, that is it must follow a pre-defined path. It will go from A to B to C.  With ActionScript the object will go any order: A to B or A to C.  You may have as many stop position as you want and the flash movie will not get any bigger as it is only a few lines of script.

Download My Example: Download the Flash file  Int 101a

In this example I have used four positions for the Movie Clip:

  1. The start position: This is off Stage to the bottom.

  2. The position the Movie Clip moves to when the movie first starts (click refresh to see this).

  3. The position for button one: Scroll up.

  4. The position for button two: Scroll down.

You could have as many objects sliding in and out as you wish. These sliding objects may contain any flash objects such as pictures, buttons, text, animation or anything else. The only condition is that the objects must be nested into a Movie Clip Symbol. So if you make a button, that button must be placed inside a Movie Clip then placed on the Stage.

Click by Click: If you would like to view this tutorial without all the notes: Click by Click


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