Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube

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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Two: Compressing the Movie Clips

I find that if I try and import the above movie clips into Flash CS3 it crashes!! And they are only a few seconds long! I find that Flash 8 is actually more stable but it can take a very long time to import a Movie. For example it could take half an hour to import a video that is a couple of minutes long. You can see that that is not very practical!

Note: This tutorial only covers Flash CS3 & 8.

The answer is to reduce the size of the file before you open Flash. Remember you are putting the Movie online and it is to be viewed on a small screen so quality is not important. It is size that matters - not quality (where have I heard that before?) and in this case small is beautiful.

In order to achieve this I use a program called Ultra Video To Flash Converter. I downloaded this for free from Tucows. The version that I have is free to use as long as you use it to convert one file at a time (if you want to do bulk conversion there is a small licence fee). I am sure there are other similar programs. If you already have a video converter use that.

  1. Download: Ultra Video To Flash Converter (or similar)
  2. Alternative: If you wish go to Tucows or and search.

  3. Install the: Video Converter
  4. Open the: Ultra Video To Flash Converter
  5. The first thing to do is to set the default options.

  6. Click: Options
  7. Go to the Output Directory and browser to your: Video Edit Folder
  8. Click: OK
  9. Note: The Output Directory (save location) can be the same as the source folder.

  10. For Output File Format select: MPG
  11. Note: My originals are AVG so it is easy to see the new files as the names are now: Original-File-Name.MPG
    If yours originals were already MPGs your new files will be named something like this: Original-File-Name_1.MPG

  12. For width type: 480
  13. For height type: 360
  14. Deselect or remove the tick from: Keep Original Size
  15. Set the Video frame rate to: 24
  16. Set the Video bit rate the: 768
  17. Audio Sample rate(kHz) to: 22050
  18. Audio bit rate to: 16

    Important Note: I have set the sound quality very low and the video quality to medium. Once you have tested your Movie. if you find that either the video or sound is not too low, come back to these options and reset the Video and or Audio bit rate up or down as appropriate to your needs.

  19. When you have finished click: Batch


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