Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube

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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Three: Reducing the File Sizes

Now it is time to put the Flash Video Converter into action and reduce the files sizes right down.

  1. If you are not in the Batch Section click: Batch
  2. Click on: Add File
  3. Browse till you find your first film file: 01 Dog File.AVI (or whatever yours is called)
  4. Select the file and click: Open
  5. The File will appear in the Window:

  6. In the Window: Select the File
  7. Click on: Convert
  8. Note: The program will ask you to register and pay a small licence fee. If you wish to please feel free to do so but you don't have to as you are entitled to use the program for single files transfers for free.

  9. When asked to register click: No

  10. Select: No

    Note: It should just take a few moments to convert the file. If you have a look in your Video Edit Folder you will see a new file. You will see that the new MPG file is only 768KB. That is a remarkable reduction in file size!! If you want to compromise on quality you can squash it even more by setting your Video Bit Rate even lower.

    Tip: In your Video Edit Folder double click on the new file to view the new Movie. If you find that the quality is too low (or too high) go back to the options section of the Flash Video Converter and change the video and or audio bit rate values and try again. Repeat until you are happy with the sound and visual quality.

  11. To clear the file select: Clear List
  12. Note: Clearing the list does not delete the file only remove it from the list in the program.

  13. Repeat until you have finished all the files: Repeat

All the videos have been converted.


Step 3    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12     Next   >>    

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