Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube

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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Four: Setting up the Flash File

  1. Open either: Flash 8 or Flash CS3
  2. Open a New Flash Document: File > New (Ctrl N)
  3. If the General Tab is not selected, select it: General Tab
  4. Select Flash Document: Flash File Flash File (ActionScript 2.0)
  5. Note: You can use ActionScript 3.0 if you want.

  6. Click: OK
  7. Go to: Modify > Document (Ctrl J)
  8. For the width dimensions set: 480
  9. For the height dimensions set: 360
  10. For the Frame rate set: 24
  11. Note: In the options from the Flash Video Converter program we set the frame rate to 24 frames per second. If you do not set Flash to match but leave it at the default 12 then you get a Movie which plays in slow motion. In you increase it above 24 your Movie will play at high speed. For example I created this movie in slow motion: Fluorescent Body Art in Slow Motion (half speed).

  12. Click: OK
  13. Save your file: File > Save (Ctrl S)

    Note: Flash files with embedded videos can get very big and may cause the program to become unstable and crash. Although using the method described here reduces the risk of this, I still recommend regular saving.


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