Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube

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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Six: Importing the Video

Now that the video file size have been reduced importing the videos should be easy.

  1. Go to: File > Import > Import Video ...
  2. The Import Video box appears:

  3. Select: On your computer
  4. Browse to your file: Browse
  5. Select the small MPG file: Select Movie
  6. Note: If you cannot tell which is the small file open select the 'Details' view (in Windows) by clicking on the View Menu Icon:

    You can then see the files sizes in the Size column:

  7. Click on: Open

  8. You can then see you file in the Flash dialogue box.

  9. Click: Next

  10. Select: Embed video in SWF and play in timeline
  11. Click: Next

  12. For Symbol Type select: Embedded video
  13. For Audio track Select: Separate
  14. Note: This audio track option is very important. It means that you are going to split the file into two, the video file and the audio file. You cannot upload Flash Movies to YouTube so you will need to convert the file back into an Mpeg or Avi file and there seems to be a bug with Flash (or some other obscure reason) that causes embedded videos to drop the sound track when exporting, leaving you with only visuals. This 'separation' method resolves this sound loss problem.

  15. Select: Place instance on stage
  16. Select: Expand timeline if needed
  17. Select: Edit the video first (you could select: Embed the entire video)
  18. Click: Next
  19. In this section you have the option to edit the clip.

    Use the Playhead to preview a portion of the clip.
    Use the two triangles to trim the clip.
    Important: Use the plus to add the clips. Otherwise the edit will not be imported to Flash!
  20. When you have finished editing click: Next

  21. In the next section you select the quality: Flash 8 - Medium Quality (400kbps)
  22. Note: The quality of the movie is already medium to low so you will not gain anything by selecting a high quality settings. Higher settings will mean larger Flash files so keep things low, it will save time when Flash is importing.

  23. When you have finished with the quality settings click: Next
  24. Flash will then tell you that it is going to import:

  25. Click: Finish
  26. Note: It may take sometime for Flash to import the video. This will depend on the speed of you computer, the length of the movie and the quality settings. Be prepared to wait!

    You may find that the Movie is not located on the correct location on the stage. It maybe offset to one side instead of being located on correctly.

  27. If the Property Inspector is closed, open it: Window > Properties > Properties (Ctrl F3)
  28. Select your: Movie
  29. In the Property Inspector set the X: 0
  30. In the Property Inspector set the Y: 0

    Note: The Movie should now be sitting correctly right on top of the stage and not off set to one side.


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