Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube

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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Seven: Adding the Sound to the Timeline

Although the video will have automatically gone into the Timeline the sound does not!

The video is visible in the Video Layer.

You will find that the sound is in the Library. If you want to check press F11 to open the Library.

The sound file is visible in the Library.

Note: You don't need the Library open so if you want close it: F11

  1. On the Audio Layer select: Frame 1

  2. Frame 1 of the Audio layer is selected.

  3. If the Property Inspector is closed, open it: Window > Properties > Properties (Ctrl F3)
  4. For Sound select your: Audio File

  5. For Sync make sure it reads: Stream, Repeat, 1

  6. The sync setting is set to Stream.

    Note: If you find that your video and sound get out of sync it is probably because this setting is incorrect.

    Note: Have a look in the Timeline. You will see that the sound file is now embedded in Frame 1. You can tell this from the small black line that appears in the frame: (subtle or what!!)

    If you play your Movie you will still not actually hear any sound!! That's because the sound only exists in frame 1 and not through the whole timeline:

    Sound is only in Frame 1.

    The answer is to extend the frames to the same place in the Timeline as the Video Layer.

  7. Scroll till you can see the: End Video Frame

  8. End of the Video Timeline.

  9. Select the frame directly above the last frame in the Video: Last Frame

  10. Select just above the last frame of the Video Layer.

  11. Go to: Insert > Timeline > Frame (F5)

    The Audio will now be visible:

    The squiggly line represents the audio track.

  12. Save your Movie: File > Save


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