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Free Tutorial - Using Flash to Edit Videos for YouTube


Free Flash Tutorial

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Step Ten: Exporting the Movie from Flash

The next step is to get the Movie out of Flash. Ordinarily you would do this by publishing the Flash Movie as described in other tutorials on this site. But in this case this will not work. Website's like YouTube and Facebook will not let you upload Flash Movies (swf files). You can only upload a video format movie. To achieve this you export rather than publish.

  1. Save your Flash Movie: File > Save (Ctrl S)
  2. Go to: File > Export > Export Movie (Ctrl Alt Shift S)
  3. This is similar to saving a file and Flash will need to know where to save the movie file and what it is to be called.

  4. Give the Movie a: File Name
  5. For Save as Type select: Windows AVI [*.avi]

  6. Give the Movie a name and select a file type.

    Macs: I am not sure if a Mac has an equivalent to Windows AVI format? If not, you can always use QuickTime [*.Mov].

    Mac's & Quick Time [*.Mov] When exporting as a QuickTime Movie Flash tends to create really big files which are hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes. These large files sizes tend to take a lot of processing power to create. There must be a way to save smaller files but I have not found the right compression option?

  7. Click: Save

  8. For dimensions type: 480 x 360
  9. Select: Maintain aspect ratio
  10. For Video format select: 32 bit color w/ alpha
  11. Select: Compress video
  12. Select: Smooth
  13. For sound Format select: 44kHz 16 Bit Mono (or stereo if that is important)

  14. Export Windows AVI settings.

  15. Click: OK
  16. In the Video Compression section accept the defaults:

    Video compression defaults.

    Flash Vs Other Compression Tools: Flash has very complex compression tools which maybe good if you you can figure them out! Personally I don't bother. I use the default compression from Flash and then if needed - do a real squash with easy to use software like Ultra Video To Flash Converter.

  17. Click: OK

    Note: It may take a while to create the Video file.

  18. Save your file: File > Save (Ctrl S)
  19. Close the file: File > Close (Ctrl W)
  20. Close Flash: File > Exit (Ctrl Q)


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