Flash Education: Make a Mouse Trail Animation.

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Step Five: Creating a Group

It would be possible to just place lots of instances of the Animation Movie Clip all over the main Stage but it is quicker and more versatile to create a group. You will then place several of these groups onto the Main Stage.

  1. Go to: Insert > New Symbol (Ctrl F8)
  2. For Name use: Animation Group
  3. For Type select: Movie Clip
  4. Click: OK
  5. Note: It is easiest to position a group of objects if you use the grid.

  6. Go to: View > Grid > Edit Grid (Ctrl Alt G)
  7. Select: Show Grid
  8. Select: Snap to Grid
  9. Select width: 25 px
  10. Select height: 25px

  11. Click: OK

  12. If the Library is closed, open it: Window > Library (F11) or (Ctrl L)
  13. Drag onto the Stage the Movie Clip: Animation
  14. Drag the top left corner of the Movie clip so that it snaps onto the: Registration Point
  15. You should find that the Symbol snaps to the Registration Point

  16. Hold your Alt Key down and drag out a copy of the Symbol: Animation
  17. The Alt Key enables you to create copies of objects. You should now have two symbols:

  18. Drag the top left corner of the new Movie clip so that it snaps: Right of the Original Symbol
  19. Continue making copies until you have a matrix of: 3 x 3 Animation Symbols
  20. The completed group of Animation Symbols:

    Note: You could have a group which has a different number of symbols. I have decided on this number and configuration because it fits into well into the shape of the Movie. You will see this in the next step.


Step 5    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     Next   >>      

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