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Flash Tutorial - Mouse Trail Animation


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Step Six: Setting Up the Main Stage

It is now time to place the animations onto the Main Stage and test the Movie. It is in this stage that you will see what your animated mouse trails look like. You first need to return to the Main Stage.

  1. Return to the Main Stage by clicking on the Scene 1 Tab in the Edit Bar:
  2. Note: If you cannot see the tab make sure that the Edit Bar open: Window > Tool Bars > Edit Bar

  3. If the Library is closed, open it: Window > Library (F11) or (Ctrl L)
  4. Drag onto the Stage the Movie Clip: Animation Group
  5. Drag the top left corner of the Movie clip so that it snaps to the: Top Left of the Main Stage
  6. Continue make 8 copies of the: Animation Group

    Your Main Stage should be completely covered. You will have a matrix of: 4 x 2 Animation Group Symbols

    The Main Stage with 8 copies of the Movie Clip: Animation Group

  7. Test your Movie: Control > Test Movie (Ctrl Enter)

    You should see something similar to this:

    Drag your Mouse over the white space to see the Mouse Trails.

  8. Close the Test Window:

Your Movie is now finished. In the next two steps I will show you how to edit the Movie to create variations of the Mouse Trail effect.


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