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Flash Tutorial - Mouse Trail Animation


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Step Eight: Changing the Trails to Stars

In this section I will show you how to change your mouse trails from spots to little stars.

Example: Download the Flash file Int 136c

Animated Mouse Trail Effect: Stars

  1. If the Library is closed, open it: Window > Library (F11) or (Ctrl L)
  2. Double click on the Symbol: Graphic Shape
  3. This will take you inside the symbol and ready to edit it:

  4. Delete the: Circle
  5. Select the PolyStar tool:

    Note: The PolyStar tool maybe hiding under the Rectangle Tool:

  6. In the Property Inspector Select: Options
  7. Note: You will not be able to see the Options button unless the Property Inspector is in Expanded view. If it is not in expanded view click on the small triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the Property Inspector:

  8. Select Style: Star
  9. Number of Sides: 5
  10. Star point size: 0.5
  11. Click: OK

  12. Drag out a small star in the centre of the Stage: Draw a Star
  13. Return to the standard Selection tool: (V)
  14. Set both the Width & Height to: 17
  15. Make sure your Star is in the: Centre of the Stage

  16. My tiny Star.

  17. Test your Movie: Control > Test Movie (Ctrl Enter)
  18. Close the Test Window:

Of course you could place any shape into the Graphic Shape Symbol. I guess you could even put a small photo. When you make a great Mouse Tail animation send it to me (including the Flash file) and I will just place it here as an example. You will of course get credit and a link to your site. Have fun experimenting!

I hope you have found this useful. If so perhaps you could recommend this site to others and link to webwasp!


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