Flash Tutorials: The Browser Back & Forward Buttons

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Tutorial - Browser Back Buttons used with Flash

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Step Two: Creating the Movie Content

  1. Create a new Symbol: Insert > New Symbol (Ctrl F8)
  2. Give it a name: Movie
  3. Select: Movie Clip
  4. Click: OK

  5. Inside that movie clip create a text box with the word: Page 1
  6. Insert a key frame on frame 10 and change the word to: Page 2
  7. Do the same for every 10 frames until you reach: Page 6
  8. Add a new: Layer
  9. Add a key frame followed by stop commands to every: 10 frames
  10. stop();

  11. Add a new: Layer
  12. Add a frame label starting with f1 working up to f6
  13. You should have something like this:

  14. Return to the: Main Stage
  15. Drag an Instance of the Movie Clip on the Main Stage: Movie
  16. In the Property Inspector give it an Instance Name: Movie


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