Flash Tutorials: Navigating with the Browser Back Button

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Tutorial - Browser Back Buttons used with Flash

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Step Three: Creating the Navigator

  1. Create a new Symbol: Insert > New Symbol (Ctrl F8)
  2. Give it a name:navigator
  3. Select: Movie Clip
  4. Click: OK
  5. Add this code to: Frame 1
  6. // This function is continually called
    function checkPage() {
       // Set the new page to the value of the new page loaded
       newPage = _root.page;
       // If the page variable has changed, navigate to new page
       if (oldPage != newPage) {
          // An object-oriented way of telling the
          // Content object to navigate to the new page
          // Trace(newPage);


       // Set the old page number to the new page number
       oldPage = newPage;

  7. Create a blank frame in: Frame 2
  8. Return to the: Main Stage
  9. Drag an Instance of the Movie Clip on the Main Stage:navigator
  10. Select the Movie Clip and add this code:
  11. // This Movie Clip checks for the next section to navigate to
    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
       // Call the function inside this Movie Clip


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