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Tutorial - Browser Back Buttons used with Flash

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In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate the Browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate through your Flash Movie. People are use to the browser's back and forward buttons. This enables them to navigate through your Flash Movie just like any other web site. So if you incorporate this into your site it makes your Movies easier to navigate and users to feel familiar with the navigation system. Even if they have not mastered your (very clear and well designed??) navigation system they can still move back and forth with ease.


Example: Download the Flash file Int 137a

Click of few buttons, then click the back button and it will move back to the last thing you clicked, then the option before that and so on.
You can also click the forward button to move forward to.

Back & Forward buttons in the Browser.

Note: This method works in Netscape 7.1, Mozzila fire fox 1.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 service pack 2 but not Opera 7.54

Click by Click: If you would like to view this tutorial without all the notes: Click by Click


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