Learn Flash Animation: The Matrix Special Effects

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Flash Tutorial - The Matrix Special Effects


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Step Six: Setting up the Main Stage

  1. Return to the Main Stage by clicking on the Scene 1 Tab in the Edit Bar:
  2. If the Library Panel is closed, open it: Window > Library (F11)
  3. Drag an instance of the Animation Movie Clip to the stage: Animation
  4. In the Property Inspector give the Movie Clip an Instance Name: myCharacters

  5. The Instance Name myCharacters is done in the Property Inspector.

    Note: If you are not using random characters but specific characters such as A, B & C etc you would need to place of these animation Movie Clips on the Stage. Each Movie Clip would need it's own Instance Name such as myA myB myC etc.

  6. In the Timeline rename Layer 1 to: Animation MC
  7. Select Frame number 3 in this layer and choose Insert > Frame (F5)

  8. There are now three frames in the layer.


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