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If you have ever wanted to remove excessive spaces from a string, whether it be a text box, variable, xml loaded file or etc. Well now you can, this handy script will remove excessive spaces (That's tab spaces, enter or new line spaces and normal spaces/same as space bar spaces.) from a sentence.

It will convert to sentence like:

"This      has      too      many      spaces      in       it."

To sentence like this:

"This has normal spaces in it."

I have tried to make this script work logically, by that I mean it will allow a maximum of two enter spaces between words as that seamed the most logical thing. It will also do the following:

Again following in each case, the most logical thing to do. To get a better understanding of how it works why not give it a try, use some of the examples if you wish by pressing the example button on the left (their are 5 examples available by pressing this button more than once).

Example: Download the Flash file  Int 157a

Examples: Try typing text with spaces in the text box.


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