Removing Leading & Trailing Spaces from Text

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Trimming Leading & Trailing Spaces from Text


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Step One: Setting Up the Document

  1. Open a New Flash Document: File > New (Ctrl N)
  2. If the General Tab is not selected, select it:
  3. Select Flash Document:
  4. Click: OK
  5. Now you need to check to the publish settings are set to ActionScript 2

  6. Go to: File > Publish Settings
  7. Select the: Flash Tab
  8. Note: This tab will not be visible unless the Flash box is selected:

  9. Select ActionScript Version: ActionScript 2
  10. Click: OK
  11. Add a text box to the stage and give it an instance name of: inputField
  12. Then add a button to the stage
  13. Past the following code into the button:
  14. on (Press) {
    // Trim the text
    _root.inputField.text = _root.Trim(_root.inputField.text);
    // Remember if you do not want to filter out leading and
    // trailing html space tags add 'false' to the parameters been passed to the Trim function e.g.
    // _root.Trim(LocationOfTheTextBoxInTheFlashMovie.TheInstanceNameOfTextBoc.text, false);


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