Trimming Leading & Trailing Spaces from Text

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Trimming Leading & Trailing Spaces from Text


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This tutorials will show you how to remove trailing or leading spaces from a string of text, be it a text box, variable, xml loaded file etc. This handy script will trim any string spaces. This includes Tab spaces, Enter or new line spaces and normal spaces form the Space Bar.


It will convert to sentence like:

"                 This has too many normal spaces at the start and end of it.           "

To a sentence like this:

"This has normal spaces in it"


Other Examples might be:


This has too many enter spaces at the start of it"


To get a better idea play around with the Flash file, so why not have go with a few words or sentences that have spaces at the begging or end or both:

Removes the extra space at the beginning of the line.

Cross-Ref: This will NOT remove any excessive spaces from inside the string, only the spaces at the begging or at the end of the text, or both. To remove excessive spaces from a string see: Excessive Space Remover Tool


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