Drawing: Filling & Stroking

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Drawing: Fill & Stroke

202 Drawing
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8   (Also works in Flash MX04/Flash MX)

Written by: Andrei Doubrovski   from:   Meet the Flash

Editor: Phil Schulz

Length: 350 words

Assumed Knowledge: Minimal knowledge of Flash

Difficulty: Easy


Free Flash Tutorial

This Flash tutorial you will learn how to apply Fill and Strokes (outlines) to your work. You will do this by using the Ink Bottle and Fill Tools. You will also learn how to apply different attributes to your Strokes and Fills from the options available in the Property Inspector and Tools Panel.

Cross Ref: The Flash Filling & Stroking Tutorial is part of a consecutive series. You may want to start at the beginning: Pencil Tool

Drawing Tools: Filling & Stroking

  1. In the Tools Panel, activate the Paint Bucket Tool . The purpose of this tool is filling the stroked contours.

  2. In the "Colors" area of the Toolbox, click the lower button and set the "fill" color:

  3. Click with the Paint Bucket on a closed contour to fill it (if you have not such a figure on your stage, draw it with the Pencil Tool ).

  4. But what if a contour is not closed up properly? It may easily happen, especially while drawing with wide strokes. Let's experiment. Draw such a contour with the Pencil Tool or cut a narrow gap in an existing contour with the Eraser Tool as it is shown in the demo movie.

  5. Now try to fill the contour with the Paint Bucket . Does it work?

  6. If your gap is small enough the Paint Bucket Tool closes it automatically. If it is not, from the tool options choose "Close Large Gaps" item and try it again.

  7. In the Toolbox, select the Ink Bottle Tool . Although its icon is similar to the Paint Bucket's, it operates in a quite different way - it strokes.

  8. In the Properties Inspector, adjust the stroke settings - color, weight and / or style.

  9. Click on a filled area to change its stroke properties or click on a stroke itself if it is not filled.


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