Drawing: Painting 

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Drawing: Painting 

203 Drawing
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8   (Also works in Flash MX04/Flash MX)

Written by: Andrei Doubrovski   from:   Meet the Flash

Editor: Phil Schulz

Length: 350 words

Assumed Knowledge: Minimal knowledge of Flash

Difficulty: Easy


Free Flash Tutorial

This tutorial will use the Paint Brush tool: . You will learn to paint with the Brush and set the options from the Tool Box & Property Inspector. This includes brush shape, size, colour and smoothness. You will also see how the Zoom Tool effects the Brush size.

Cross Ref: Flash Drawing Tutorials 201 to 209 are a consecutive series and you may want to start from the beginning: Pencil Tool


  1. In the Toolbox, activate the Brush Tool:

  2. This tool creates "filled" strokes, so if you want to set its color you click the "Fill" button:

  3. In the tool options, choose the: Brush Tip Size & Shape

  4. If necessary, in the Properties inspector adjust the: Smoothing

  5. Paint on the: Stage
  6. Note: As you can see in the demo Movie above, the selected brush tip shape may dramatically change your strokes' appearance.

  7. It is important to remember that when you change the image magnification level your Brush Tip size doesn't change. For example, if you set the zoom value to 200 % the same brush creates 2 times thinner strokes; if you reduce zoom to 50 %, the strokes are 2 times thicker.

  8. If you use a "Wacom" tablet, in the tool options turn on Pressure and / or Tilt modifier. This enables you to vary the stroke width dynamically by controlling your stylus pressure and / or tilt.
  9. Note: If you do not have a drawing tablet attached to your computer you will not be able to use these options.

  10. The Brush Mode menu allows us to change the Brush behavior. For example, select Paint Behind mode and paint over your painting. The new strokes appear behind the previous ones.

  11. Now select Paint Inside mode, place your cursor within a filled area or a stroked contour and paint. Can you see the difference?

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