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Drawing: Object & Merge Models

204 Drawing
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8   (earlier versions have Merge Model only)

Written by: Andrei Doubrovski   from:   Meet the Flash

Editor: Phil Schulz

Length: 300 words

Assumed Knowledge: Minimal knowledge of Flash

Difficulty: Easy


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By default, the Flash uses a Merge Drawing model, that is every new stroke or shape you create merges into the previous strokes and becomes an integral part of the existing image. However, in Flash 8, there is an alternative to this natural order of things. That is to use the Drawing Object model. You can use both Merge and Drawing Object models in a single document and it is easy to switch between the two modes.

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Drawing Models

Step One: The Merge Model

  1. In the Tools panel select the Oval Tool:

  2. Define Stroke color:

  3. Define Fill color:

  4. Drag over your previous strokes: Draw an Oval

  5. Activate the Selection Tool:

  6. Pull the created shape aside: Drag Oval (as it is shown in the Demo Movie above)
  7. Note: As result, the image is torn or deformed, because the both parts of the oval - Fill and Outline - were merged into the earlier strokes.

  8. Press Ctrl+Z several times to undo the changes: Edit > Undo (Ctrl Z)

Step Two: The Object Drawing Model

Let's try another drawing method:

  1. Activate the Oval Tool:

  2. In the tool options, enable the Object Drawing model:

  3. Drag over the image: Draw an Oval
  4. Note: The blue frame around the created shape tells us that we can reposition it with the Selection Tool without damaging the previous strokes:

Step Three: Converted to a Drawing Object

The existing merged strokes also can be converted to a Drawing Object.

  1. Select the Section Tool:

  2. Click on a shape that you want to convert with the Selection Tool: Select A Shape

  3. Its surface becomes "dotted" indicating selected area.

  4. Then hold down Shift Key and click on some: Other Shape

  5. Second object is added to selection.

  6. Pull down menu: Modify > Combine Objects > Union


Step Four: Editing Drawing Objects

When you enable the Object Drawing model, it applies to all the drawing and painting tools. Every new stroke creates a new drawing object. On the one hand, it allows us to secure drawn objects. On the other hand, adding 20 strokes to an existing object creates 20 new objects. Imagine handling 200-300 separate objects on your stage! Fortunately, there is a better solution:

  1. Activate the Selection Tool:
  2. Double-click an object
  3. Note: All the document outside the selected object fades out. It is a special editing mode - all your changes only affect the current drawing object.

  4. In the Toolbox, select a drawing or painting tool:

  5. Disable the Object Drawing model:
  6. Note: A drawing object may not contain nested objects!

  7. Edit your shape: Draw

  8. When finished, click the "Back" arrow or "Scene 1" link at the top to return to the "document editing" mode:

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