Drawing: Shape Properties

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Drawing: Editing a Shape's Properties

205 Drawing
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8   (Also works in Flash MX04/Flash MX)

Written by: Andrei Doubrovski   from:   Meet the Flash

Editor: Phil Schulz

Length: 300 words

Assumed Knowledge: Minimal knowledge of Flash

Difficulty: Easy


Free Flash Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to change and edit a drawing through the use of the Properties Inspector and Tool Box attributes. These allow you to change properties for selected shapes. Now let's use it to change the picture without drawing tools.

Cross Ref: Flash Drawing Tutorials 201 to 209 are a consecutive series and you may want to start from the beginning: Pencil Tool

Shape Properties

  1. Activate the Selection Tool:

  2. Click on a: Shape (either a Fill or a Stroke)

  3. Look at the Properties Inspector

  4. It displays the available attributes for the selection - Stroke / Fill color & style.

  5. To change the shape appearance: Edit these Options

  6. To delete the shape press on your keyboard: Delete

  7. To select the both shapes - inner fill and its stroke outline - simultaneously: Double Click (within the fill area)

  8. To add some other shape to the selection: Shift Click
  9. Note: While editing the selection range, see how these changes affect the Properties Inspector.

    Sometimes the selection "dots" on the selected shapes hinder estimating the result.

    Before editing the selection you may want to hide these selection dots:

  10. Go to: View > Hide Edges (Ctrl H)

  11. Now you can comfortably see the shapes and edit at once.

    Note: The Stroke and Fill colors can be changed from the Tools Panel as well.

    Warning: When using Hide Edges beware of accidental changes! Before defining a color (or other attributes) for a tool, make sure that no shape / object is selected at the moment. Do this by turning the Edges back on.

    This is done the same way that you turned them off: View > Hide Edges (Ctrl H)

    Cross Ref: Go to the next in this drawing series: Next >>>


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