Drawing: Selecting Tools

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Drawing: Selection Tools

209 Drawing
Flash Compatibility: Flash 8   (Also works in Flash MX04/Flash MX)

Written by: Andrei Doubrovski   from:   Meet the Flash

Editor: Phil Schulz

Length: 700 words

Assumed Knowledge: Minimal knowledge of Flash

Difficulty: Easy


Free Flash Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Selection and Lasso Tools. These tool enable you to edit your artwork. You will learn how to select and edit shapes, Fills and lines in your Flash file. The versatility of the Selection tools is greater than what you might expect.

Cross Ref: Flash Drawing Tutorials 201 to 209 are a consecutive series and you may want to start from the beginning: Pencil Tool

Selecting Tools 

Step One: The Selection Tool - Editing a Stroke Outline

  1. Activate the Selection Tool:
  2. Tip: Do not get the Subselection tool mixed up with the Selection tool. They may look similar but are very different!

  3. Select an line by pressing your mouse button and: Drag over the Image
  4. Note: When you move the Selection Tool over different objects the cursors appearance changes:

    Empty Space

    This is because the tool's behavior depends on circumstances. For example when your pointer hovers over an empty space the cursor displays a rectangle symbol:

  5. If the selection embraces unnecessary shapes or objects, deselect them by: Shift Clicking

  6. If the property Inspector is closed open it: Windows > Properties > Properties (Ctrl F3)

  7. Select a new: Stroke Style

Step Two: The Selection Tool - Editing a Fill Object

  1. Position your pointer over a: Filled Shape

  2. The cursor's symbol changes to:

  3. To move it drag the: Fill Shape
  4. Delete the Fill Shape: Delete

Step Three: The Selection Tool - Editing a Stroke

In Flash a line or the edge of a fill is called a Stroke. A Stroke can be described as a number of lines (straight or curved) connected by Anchor Points (or sometimes called Key Points).

A Stroke made up of straight and curved sections joined by Anchor Points.

  1. With the Selection tool hover your cursor over an: Anchor Point

  2. Pull the: Anchor Point
  3. Move the point to stretch your shape or create an inner or outer angle.

    Note: If you pull where two or more shapes join you change all the joining shapes.

    Important: The shape must not be selected! To transform a selected shape, click elsewhere to deselect it (Shift+Ctrl+A).

  4. Hover over a: Line or Fill Edge

  5. While passing over a line the cursor shows curve.

  6. Pull the segment to: Reposition

  7. The Stroke has been changed.

  8. Position your cursor over a line and hold: Ctrl & Drag
  9. This enables you to create a new Anchor point which enables the line to go around a corner.

    Adds a new Anchor.

Step Four: The Lasso Tool

To select a free-form area use the Lasso Tool and draw on the Stage as with a regular pencil. As soon as you release the mouse button the selection contour closes up and you can edit the outlined zone.

  1. In the Tool Box active the Lasso Tool:

  2. Go to a Shape and: Drag
  3. To select the free form area: Release the Mouse

  4. Segment is selected.

    You are now ready to edit the selected area.

  5. Activate the Eyedropper Tool:

  6. Copy the Fill attributes by clicking on a: Different Fill

Step Four: The Lasso Tool - Polygon Mode

The Polygon mode enable you to select sections of Fill that has straight edges.

  1. Active the Lasso Tool:

  2. In the Tool options enable Polygon Mode:
  3. Note: In this mode, each time you click the mouse, the tool sets an anchor point for the polygon you are creating.

  4. Select an area: Click by Click
  5. To close the selection contour: Double Click
  6. On your Keyboard press: Delete

    Finished !!


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