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Creating Filters with ActionScript


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Step Three: The ActionScript

  1. If the Timeline is closed, open it: Window > Timeline (Ctrl Alt T)
  2. Rename Layer 1 to: Rectangle MC
  3. Insert a new Layer:
  4. Name the Layer: ActionScript
  5. Select Frame 1 of the Actionscript Layer: Frame 1

  6. Frame 1 of the ActionScript Layer is selected.

  7. Open the Actions Panel: Window > Actions (F9)
  8. If Script Assist is on, Switch it off:
  9. Note: With Script Assist on you cannot type in the Actions Panel. If you want to learn more about Script Assist see the tutorial on the Actions Panel

  10. Type the following into the Actions Panel (further explanation is given in the next section):
  11. // Makes the filter available to use in the Movie.
    import flash.filters.GlowFilter;

    // Creates a variable with info about the Glow Filter settings
    var myGlowFilter = new GlowFilter (0xff00ff,1,25,25,2,3,false,false);

    // Applies the filter to the object named myMovieClip
    myMovieClip.filters = [myGlowFilter];

  12. Test your Movie: Test > Movie (Ctrl Enter)
  13. You should see something like this:

    The Glow Filter is applied to the rectangle.

  14. Close the Test Window:


Step 3    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5     Next   >>      

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