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Create Flash Glow Filter with ActionScript


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The Glow Filter lets you add a glowing luminance effect to a variety of objects in Flash including Movie Clips, Buttons & Text. A glow creates a surrounding highlight. A high radiance glow creates a soft, subtle effect and a low radiance glow creates a hard, bright glow effect, such as a neon glow. You have several options for the style of the glow, including inner or outer glow and knockout mode. Like a shadow a glowing image creates the effect of the image lifting off the page, giving a 3D look. The Glow Filter is similar to the Drop Shadow Filter with the distance and angle properties of the drop shadow set to 0.

Note: A Glow Filter is not applied if the resulting image exceeds 2880 pixels in width or height. For example, if you zoom in on a large movie clip with a filter applied, the filter is turned off if the resulting image exceeds the limit of 2880 pixels.

In this tutorial you will learn the ActionScript needed to apply the Glow Filter to Text, Movie Clips and Button symbols. In addition to this I will describe the parameters (settings) which enable you to customise the Glow Filter.


Here is an example of what you will create in this tutorial:

Example: Download the Flash file Draw 215a


Flash Movie Clip with Glow Filter applied.

Important Cross Ref: This tutorial shows you all the ActionScript including all the options available through the parameters. But it only briefly describes how to apply this to an object within Flash or how to edit the parameter settings. If you are not familiar with this I suggest that you return here after first reading the tutorial: Creating Filters with ActionScript


Quick Link: Go straight to: Glow Filter ActionScript

Quick Link: Go straight to: Glow Parameter Settings

Click by Click: If you would like to view this tutorial without all the notes: Click by Click


Important Note: These Filters only work in Flash Professional 8. The filters are not available in Flash 8 Basic or any of the earlier versions of Flash such as Flash MX04/MX/5.


If you don't know what version you are using go to: Help > About Flash and you will see the logo:



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