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Step Three: Understanding the ActionScript - Using Variables to set Parameters


As explained in other tutorials that parameters control the filter and gives the object (in this case a photo) its look. Changing the parameters changes the look of the object. The parameters are set with this section of code:


Cross Ref: I have explained parameters in detail in a previous tutorial and so will not repeat it here. If you are not familiar with Filter parameters and how to set them I recommend that you read the tutorial: Creating Filters with ActionScript

The parameters can be set directly like this:


But they can also be set with variables. This enables them to be changed . This variable is initially given a value by this line:

var myBlur = 10;

I placed a variable in the parameters located where information is stored about the X blur and the Y blur. Both the X & Y blurs are set with the same variable:


The value of the variable is changed with this line. It adds 12 to itself:

myBlur += 12;

The animation is switched off with this:

if (myBlur > 130) {
         delete this.onEnterFrame;

The reverse effect is created with this:

myBlur -= 12;

The reverse effect is switched off with this:

if (myBlur < 20) {
         delete this.onEnterFrame;


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