Education: Learn how to import images to use in with Displacement Map Filters in Flash .

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Flash Tutorial - Displacement Map Filter & Animation


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Step Two: Importing the Images

For the next section you will need to have two pictures saved to your computer. You can either use theses or two of your own. One image will be used as a displacement map and one that will be warped.

  1. Right click (Mac: Ctrl + click) on the pictures below and select: Save Picture As...
  2. Name the white foreground image:map.jpg
  3. Name the blue background image: target.png
    Right click on the pictures map.jpg & target.png and save them.

    Note: Now the images need to be imported to Flash.

  4. Import the images: File > Import > Import to Library
  5. Select the two images: map.jpg & target.png
  6. Click: Open


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