Flash Education: Create Displacement Map Filters with ActionScript.

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Flash Tutorial - Displacement Map Filter & Animation


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Step Seven: Expand Your Creativity - Swapping Images

Now that you have created the Movie it is very easy to change the images to create new effects. Let's quickly change the image we used for the target by importing another image and swapping it over.

  1. Right click (Mac: Ctrl + click) on the picture below and select: Save Picture As...
  2. Name the image: target_swap.png
Right click on the picture and save it as: target_swap.png
  1. Import the image: File > Import > Import to Library
  2. Select the image: target_swap.png
  3. Click: Open

  4. On the Stage, double click the target Movie Clip to open it in Symbol Editing Mode. Edit: myTargetMC
  5. As long as the Edit bar is visible you will now see the Movie Clip name displayed: Window > Toolbars > Edit Bar

    You know you are editing the MC as the name is visible: myTargetMC

  6. Select the: Image
  7. In the Properties Inspector click: Swap
  8. Select the image you just imported: target_swap.png
  9. Click: OK

  10. Test your Movie: Control > Test Movie (Ctrl Enter)

    You should have something like this:

    Note: If the Movie below is not animating - refresh your web page: Ctrl F5


    Example: Download the Flash file Draw 221b

    Flash Movie which uses the Displacement Map Filter (If not animating refresh - Ctrl F5)

This swapping can as easily be done with the map image as well.


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