Turning a gradient around: Flash tutorial on how to create a 3D perspective text effect.

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Flash Tutorial - 3D Perspective Text Effect


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Step Four: Turning the Gradient

Although the color maybe correct the gradient direction is wrong. The next step is to turn the gradient around so that it goes up and down rather than left to right. This will have to be done to the first letter then copied to the remaining letters.

  1. Deselect all: Edit > Deselect All (Ctrl Shift A)
  2. Select the Gradient Transform Tool:
  3. Note: The Gradient Transform Tool maybe found behind the Free Transform Tool:

  4. Select the first letter: W

  5. The gradient is now ready to be turned.

  6. Grab the Rotate Gradient Icon and turn the Gradient:

  7. The gradient direction has now been turned.

  8. Drag the Gradient Width Icon in to the edge of the letter:

  9. The gradient width now fits the height of the letter.

    Note: If the center of your gradient is not in the correct position move it:

    The gradient is now in the correct position. It is time to copy the gradient attributes and apply it to the other letters.

  10. Select the Eyedropper Tool:
  11. Click on your corrected letter W to Copy the Gradient Fill
  12. Click on the next rest of the letter to: Paste the Gradient Fill
  13. Deselect all: Edit > Deselect All (Ctrl Shift A)

    The Gradient is now complete.

    Note: Because different letters are different shapes you may find that you need to tweak the gradient width in some individual letters. Look at the top of my S. The top appears whiter than other letters. That is because curvy letters are often taller than other letters. In this case 2.2 points taller. If you want increase the gradient width slightly for the rounded letters.


Step 4    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6     Next   >>      

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