Creating perspective: Flash tutorial on how to create a perspective text effect.

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Flash Tutorial - 3D Perspective Text Effect


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Step Five: Creating the Perspective

  1. Select all your letters: Edit > Select All (Ctrl A)
  2. Go to the Free Transform Tool:
  3. Note: The Free Transform Tool maybe found behind the Gradient Transform Tool:

  4. In the bottom of the Tool Box select the Distort Option:
  5. Drag the top corners in: Distort Top Corners
  6. Tip: Hold the Shift Key down as you drag and then both corner will pull in together.

    Pulling the top corners in with the Distort Option of the Free Transform Tool.

    Let go and the image distorts:

  7. If needed distort the bottom corners out: Distort Bottom Corners

  8. The perspective type of distortion is now complete.


Step 5    <<   Previous      Intro   1   2   3   4   5   6     Next   >>      

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