Flash tutorial on how to create a 3D perspective text effect with a drop shadow.

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Flash Tutorial - 3D Perspective Text Effect


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Step Six: Creating the Drop Shadow

In Flash CS3 & Flash 8 Pro there are PhotoShop style filters that you can apply directly to Movie Clips and other objects. If you are using Flash 8 Basic or earlier MX versions of Flash you will not do able to use the method described here so look at the notes.

  1. If you text is not selected, select it: Edit > Select All (Ctrl A)
  2. Now convert it to a Movie Clip: Modify > Convert to Symbol (F8)
  3. For type select: Movie Clip
  4. Click: OK

  5. If it is closed, open the Filter Panel: Window > Properties > Filters
  6. In the Filter Panel click:  > Drop Shadow
  7. If you wish play with the Drop Shadow settings to change the appearance of the Shadow: Change Filter Settings

    Tip: Use the standard Selection Tool to select the Movie Clip. Then go Ctrl H to hide the selection. The MC is still selected but there is no blue rectangle. This makes it easier to see the changes that occur as you play with the filter settings. Otherwise the blue rectangle tends to obscure some of the detail. To make the selection rectangle visible again just press Ctrl H again.

    Play with the Filter settings to change the shadow effect:

The special effects that are created through the use of Flash filters and other sophisticated drawing tools enable you to achieve stylish graphic effects all created within Flash! Enjoy.

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